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pet insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has become increasingly popular and can provide great peace of mind. When you need to make a claim we aim to provide as efficient a service as we can in processing claims.

Rising numbers of claims combined with repeated demands for clinical data from insurance companies requires greater resources from our staff. For this reason we charge administration fees for processing claims; £14 for new conditions and £8 for continuation claims.

There are a few steps that you, the client, can take to help us with the claims process;

If your insurance company has an online portal where you can submit claims please opt to submit claims this way as it allows us to complete the claim electronically (a faster process overall, quicker than mailing the form to the insurer. Also saves trees!)

All paper forms need to have the client section fully completed with a signature and date. Incomplete forms are likely to be rejected, delaying the claims process.

Related to the above, please clearly state the condition you wish to claim for. If you are unsure what to write please contact the surgery and we can advise you.

We do not accept direct claims so the balance of your account must be cleared before we submit the claim.

We look forward to working with you to make the insurance claims process as smooth as we can.

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