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Covid Protocol March 21st 2022

1. The Stirling branch will remain closed for consultations; however, we will continue to dispense repeat prescriptions, parasite control and collection of samples 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 5.45-6.30pm

2. We ask that only one client attends the practice with their pet. The exception to this is when clients are saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Please note under these circumstances there are strict protocols in place.

3. Please inform us if you or any of your close contacts have symptoms of Covid or have tested positive.

4. We request you continue to wear a face mask unless you are exempt. We will wear either face masks or face shields to protect you.

5. We ask you to arrive ten minutes before your appointment time is scheduled.

6. We ask that you let us know you have arrived by phoning 01877 381213. If the line is engaged than please ring the front doorbell. A team member will take a note of your vehicle model and colour to allow us to locate you when your appointment time has arrived. Please return to your car and a team member will come and collect you and your pet when the veterinary surgeon is ready for the consultation. Please have your face mask on ready. Please use the provided hand gel upon entering.

7. A team member will take you into the building and through to the consultation room where you will have a face-to-face consultation with either the veterinary surgeon or the veterinary nurse.

8. Once the consultation is complete the team member will direct you to reception for payment and collection of medication dispensed – please stand in the seated area to allow the flow of the next client and patient coming in.

9. Payment is required at time of appointment – please note we do not accept American Express. An invoice can be printed or emailed direct to you on request.

10. You will then be escorted to the front door which will be unlocked by a team member.

11. We aim to limit your time in the building to 15 minutes but if you feel there are multiple concerns with your pet please let a team member know when booking the appointment so that we can book a 30 minute consultation to allow us to address all your concerns and manage your time in the building

12. As we will be opening windows to ventilate the rooms, please have your dog on a secure short lead and your cat or other small pet in a secure carrier unless in the consult room where the doors and window will remain closed during the consultation. A slip lead can be provided by the team if required.

13. Please have patience with our team – we are trying to allow the practice to return to a form of normality while keeping our team as safe as possible and therefore are able to offer you and your pets a full service.

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