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Affordable Preventative Healthcare

Our Pet Health Plan is designed to provide your pet with preventative health care including two health checks per year with the veterinary surgeon, annual core vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits along with year round parasite control for dogs and cats.
In addition there are 10% discounts available on select laboratory work, all nurse clinics, kennel cough, rabies vaccinations, dental scale & polish, additional dog & cat parasite control and parasite control for rabbits. 
It spreads the cost over the year in 11 monthly Direct Debit payments and supplies these services and products to you at a discounted rate. When you're ready to sign up, click on one of the links below to register your pet(s). A member of the team will then phone you to take the first payment to activate the plan. Please be aware there is a £10 joining fee per animal which will be taken with your first direct debit
Please note this is not an insurance product.

Practice Pet Health Plan 2022

Terms & Conditions

Your pet must be fully vaccinated to be able to sign onto our practice health plan.

If you sign up to our pet health plan on the day your pet is in for their booster then you can receive 15% discount on that booster.

If you sign up to the plan and your pets booster is due within the first 3 months of the plan starting then you are entitled to a 15% discount.  Boosters due anytime after 3 months will be included as part of your monthly direct debit.

Bravecto, Simparica, Anthelmin, Milbemax & Milprazon are available on dog plan as part of your monthly direct debit.

Bravecto, Bravecto  Plus, Broadline, Wormcat &, Profender, are available on the cat  plan as part of your monthly direct debit.

Wormer is available on the plan every 3 months – if you wish to worm on a monthly basis then only one months worth of worming treatment will be covered by the plan – the other two months you will receive a 10% discount on.

The additional benefits of being on the plan, ie the 10% discount on dental scale & polish, kennel cough or rabies vaccination, alterative parasite control, nurse clinics and laboratory in house tests can be applied to your account after 3 months of direct debits have cleared on our system.

You may terminate this plan by giving not less than one month’s notice, provided that all treatments and examinations have been paid for as intended over the 12 month period.  Should you wish to leave the plan before this time, then the practice reserves the right to make a charge equal to the discount received.

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